Climate Crisis Action from Cheshire WI

WI Climate Ambassadors are WI members who feel passionately about protecting the environment from climate change and who want to work on this locally within their communities. We organise events to spread the message about carbon reduction and climate change and we provide talks for WI members.

We are WI Meeting Speakers

We have designed a talk for WI and Group meetings in Cheshire that can be anything from 20 minutes to an hour long depending on the time available. We go through the science of climate change, and explain why we have a climate crisis. We provide members with lots of ways they can help to mitigate and slow down the drastic changes to our planet’s climate. The talk ends with a rousing call to action; to ask every WI member to pledge to make a difference with ONE change in their lifestyles that will reduce their carbon footprint.

Find out more about “Climate Crisis global to local”

We are Climate Crisis event organisers

We have organised a variety of events in Cheshire Federation, including several Show The Love events in partnership with the Climate Coalition. We always invite local Cheshire organisations as well as MPS and councilors.

Take part in a Climate Crisis event.

Contact the Ambassadorss

You can contact Sue Bentley MBE on [email protected]